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Who We Are

Our founder Derrick Wilson serving food at a charity fundraiser.

Derrick Wilson

Founder & President

Derrick founded our beloved foundation in response to losing someone very special to him to cancer. His Aunt Kim passed from cancer in 2021 which is what inspired him to create The K.I.M. Foundation and our Survivor Assistance Program in 2022.


Teresa Yeater

Treasurer and Board Member

Teresa is Kim's mother. Teresa sat hand in hand with Kim while she attempted to fight off her illness. Teresa was there for just about every moment of Kim's last few months with us. Teresa handles the foundations finances.


(Pictured Right)


Rebecca Humphries

Lead Board Member

Rebecca is Kim's oldest daughter. Rebecca sits in seat 1 on our board of directors making her vote count the most on any and every endeavor the foundation is a part of.

(Pictured Right)

Brandy Koukkouche

Board Member

Brandy is Kim's sister. Brandy is a sitting board member who's vote matters on every endeavor the foundation takes part in. Brandy also serves a major role in event coordination.

(Pictured Middle of Middle Row)

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